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What is HOME?

At HARTMANN, we recognise the importance of supporting the health service in providing effective, evidence based, wound management solutions for healthcare professionals.

Shared care is a key driver for the NHS. It is part of the NHS long term plan, encouraging patients to take a more active role in their health and well-being.

HARTMANN want to be able to provide relevant tools to support both the healthcare professional and patient to develop a positive, shared care partnership in practice. HOME is an acronym designed to help support the identification, assessment and implementation of such partnerships in shared wound management.

This complete guide takes a clear look at all areas of a patient’s activities of daily living. Based on a full holistic approach, we aim to maximise a patient’s potential to be confident in their ability to share some of the care required for their wounds.


Patient centred shared care.

Where are your patients with their wound healing journey?

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Patient shared care action plans.

Is now the right time to take simple and clear action?

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Patient friendly shared care pathways.

Create manageable objectives that you will set together.

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Patient shared care for the future.

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