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Successful Facebook Live launch – wound management shared care initiative

Hartmann UKI has launched a new wound management shared care initiative – HOME – (acronym for Holistic, Outline, Manage, Evaluate/Educate), aimed at helping health care professionals introduce and manage shared care solutions for patients at home.

HOME is a complete wound management shared care package aimed at helping the NHS achieve its long-term plan of encouraging patients to take a more active role in their health and well-being. It provides all the support, training and tools needed to create better partnerships with patients living with a wound.

Dawn Stevens, Clinical Development Manager at Hartmann UKI explains, “Shared care is a key driver for the NHS. Encouraging and involving patients to self-manage their wound care is increasingly crucial. In order for this to happen, patients need the right tools, information and support to optimise a wounds ability to heal. We therefore came up with the concept of HOME to support health workers and ease the transition into greater shared care.

“In a post-Covid world, it is thought that a positive, shared care partnership, will be pivotal to a successful healthcare service moving forward. Not only does it put greater emphasis on the patients’ participation and therefore potential success of wound care management, but it could also free up valuable nursing time. Our role is to help facilitate this and support health care professionals in building confidence and ability amongst patients to take this positive holistic approach.”

The HOME package helps support the identification, assessment and implementation of wound care partnerships in practice. It includes patient postcards, patient friendly care plans, journals, pathways and a dedicated website to share information.

To learn more about the HOME wound management shared care package watch the Facebook Live video above or contact us.

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