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At HARTMANN, we recognise the importance of supporting the health service in providing effective evidence based wound management solutions for healthcare professionals.

Shared care is a key driver for the NHS and is part of the NHS long term plan, encouraging patients to take a more active role in their health and wellbeing. Watch and learn to see how HOME can support you.

Making the shared management of wounds a part of every day life.


Patient centred shared care.

Where are your patients with their wound healing journey?

Identifying a patient for shared care should be considered throughout their wound healing journey, as they may not be able to support a shared care element initially.

However, further through the healing process, this may change and give you the opportunity to empower your patient to take on part of their care. This can have a positive effect on there overall health and well being but also improve clinical outcomes.


Patient shared care action plans.

Is now the right time to take simple and clear action?

When you have identified that your patient is able to take part in the management of their wound, it’s time to plan the shared care approach.


Patient friendly shared care pathways.

Create manageable objectives that you will set together.

To support the successful management of the shared care partnership, you should introduce a patient implementation plan, providing clear objectives.


Patient shared care for the future.

For shared care to be effective it will require continuous education, to ensure that the knowledge required to perform every task can be achieved safely and competently.

Use the supportive materials within the HARTMANN HOME website to help with your patients’ educational needs, answer questions, or provide advice and support.

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